Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It costs $15 per hour per person. For that price you get an hour of cat time plus one cup of coffee or tea.  You may stay longer if you want to, just check with the reception for availability, the cost for time extension will be $5 per half hour. However you won't be charged for the entry if you only want a cup of tea or coffee.


Do I have to book in advance?

We would highly recommend you to book your visit in advance to secure a space before your visit, however, walk-ins are welcome if we have spaces available.


Can I bring my own cats to Fancy Meow?

Sorry you can't, Fancy Meow Cat Cafe is a cafe for people to enjoy our resident cats, please bring your friends and families, however not your own cats.


Are there rules?    

Yes there are.

You cannot wake a cat if it is sleeping. You are not allowed to pick up or carry the cat if the cat looks like doesn't want to be picked up or carry. So pick up and carry a cat will be at your own risk, and children under 12 years old should not pick up or carry cats at all times. You are not allowed to feed cat any food, especially human food. We also ask our visitors to sanitiser their hand before and after visit the cats. Also not to use flash cameras.  Please do put the shoe covers that we provide before entering the cafe.


Can I adopt cats from your cafe?

Yes, adoption will available and we will accounce in our Facebook page and Website - Event page. 

We can also recommend breeders if you are looking for a purebred kitten.


Do you serve cooked food?

Sorry, no. We are a cafe that serves hot and cold drinks, alongside with snacks, such as biscuits. We do not cook or prepare any hot food on site. 


Are the cats friendly?

Our cats grow up in a home environment and they are very puppy-like. They like following people and want cuddles all the time. They are very friendly.


Is it hygienic having cats in a cafe?

Our building has been designed and fitter out to have the cats side & kitchen side very seperate. Our food & drinks are prepared and served in a 100% cat free environment.