Welcome to Fancy Meow Cat Cafe!

FANCY MEOW Cat Cafe is Rotorua’s first Cat Cafe
New Zealand's only Cat Cafe with beautiful purebred CATS and KITTENS!

We are so excited to bring the very first Cat Cafe to Rotorua! Here we have many beautiful feline friends that will bring you joy.

We will be very busy for the first few months of opening, particularly on weekends and holidays, so please make sure you pre-purchase your tickets here or call us in advance (07 460 6868) to ensure your place before arrival, as we have to limit the number of people per hour for the well-being of our cats.

So, come in for a visit to relax, decompress, and enjoy our furry friends. The cats and kittens are always grateful for play and cuddle time with their human companions.

We can't wait to host you at Fancy Meow!